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HIDDEN CITIES by Zupagrafika

Modernist housing estates erected in the suburbs of European cities after WW2 have been ignored and neglected for decades. Although they are homes to the vast majority of urbanites, many would rather they were invisible. This instant film inspired photo set allows you to unveil some of the most hidden and controversial urbanscapes of the former Eastern Bloc and beyond, such as: Cheryomushki in Moscow, Marzahn in Berlin, Chomiczówka in Warsaw or Thamesmead in London.

Remove the negative and discover the brutal charm of the European capitals’ suburbia! “Hidden Cities” by Zupagrafika are interacitve photo boxes including 8 architecture snapshots to unveil and a foreword on post-war modernist estates. Pictures are taken by Zupagrafika (with contributions by Alexander Veryovkin and Peter Chadwick).

Zupagrafika is an independent publisher, author and design studio established in 2012 by a Hispano-Polish duo – David Navarro and Martyna Sobecka. The studio is based in Poland and has a special affinity with Polish Poster School, post-war modernist architecture and paper.

Since 2012 Zupagrafika has designed, illustrated and published award-winning architectural kits and books showcasing their favourite modernist and brutalist edifices from the former Eastern Bloc and beyond. Their titles include: ‘Blokografia: The Modernist Alphabeth’ (2012), ‘Eastern Block: Build Your Own Modernist Warsaw’ (2014), ‘Brutal London’ (2015), ‘Blokoshka: The Modernist Architectural Matryoshka’ (2016), ‘Paris Brut’ (2016), ‘The Constructivist: Build Your Own Russian Constructivist Playground’ (2017), ‘Brutal East: Build Your Own Brutalist Eastern Bloc’ (2017), ‘Modern East: Build Your Own Modernist DDR’ (2017)

Author of the book ‘Brutal London: Construct Your Own Concrete Capital’ (2016, Prestel Publishing), an adaptation of their paper-cut collection ‘Brutal London’.