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About A.D.M.

The internet is a magical invention. It’s opened vistas that previously did not exist, connecting people from all over the globe and creating platforms for creativity to grow and foster. It has also provided opportunities for rancor and endless noise, engendering an environment where many of us no longer feel welcomed. A Delicate Man is an opportunity to create something different.

This is a space where calm prevails, a place where kind-hearted people can feel at home. A Delicate Man showcased essays and thought-affirming compositions, designed to create moments of reflection and introspection. Our playlists will give your soul a welcome respite. The items in our shop have been carefully selected for their quality and inspiring design.

Kind and civil comments are welcomed on our posts. Feel free to express yourself. This is a safe place to land and we’re glad you’ve found us. This is a space where time is a friend and kindness is planted in verdant land. Welcome to A Delicate Man.




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